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Justin Timberlake’s seduction tips

Hello dear English speaking readers ! I have a question for you. I was thinking about how Mr Timberlake got them all / Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel… What are his seduction secrets ? If you wanna learn how to be funny and get girls, follow JT !

He totally masters the art of seduction, so we decided to investigate a little bit. What are his “rules of attraction” ?

Can’t be the dancing. Ok, he moves like a God, but it can’t be the only answer.

His hair ? Denied ! Even though he’s not as curly as he used to be when he was with NSync.

It can’t be the “latin lover” thing that girls like about Italian, Spanish or French lovers : he is blond, isn’t he ?

Well, I guessI found some solid information that make him a real 10 Magnet (Ten like in “Tennessee, what do you think ?)

It’s all in the first minute of “What goes around… comes around”.

At first she’s bored, but then he whispers a funny thing to get her attracted. What is it ? What did he say to make her laugh and attract her ? It’s Scarlett Johansson, and he is not scared to approach her !

We thought of many answers, but you might come up with better ideas than ours. I’d say : more relevant answers.

Answer A : I got a micropenis, wanna try ?

Answer B : I was told I fuck like Mick Jagger, wanna try ?

Answer C : I got handcuffs, champagne and a monkey who can hold a camera

Answer D : Let’s go home play hide and seek. If I find you…

We need your answers. What is the best thing he can whisper in her ear to convince her to leave the party with him ?

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